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Monday, 4 August 2008

The Salzburg Romeo et Juliette

I know, I know not exactly the photo you were expecting to see, but come on, the kiss, the touch, the death, the dress, the necklaces, the dagger are all over the place. But do click and you will see it is nevertheless about the same Romeo.

Everyone applauds the singers, the conductor, the orchestra, the staging, the whatnot. I think it is unfair that the critics don't get their share of applause!! In loose translations these were the critics thoughts on the show:

- Teasing instead of passion ( yep, no sex there...)
- Salzburg is looking for a superstar - in vain (maybe they are just shortsighted, someone give them the glasses!)
- Salzburg has the superstar ( but..i thought... oh well...)
- With joy about Oper-Ken and Oper Barbie ( no comment...)
- 324.000 watched Romeo in ORF ( finally we are getting some numbers, isn't that what it is all about?)
- the children's love and death in Verona (yep, they are both of kindergarten age, and don't you just see little gory black and white images of dead babies?? )

Marvellous!!!! I have rarely laughed so much!!! Way better than the stand ups at the Edinburgh festival!

And i needed the giggles because i totally dehydrated myself with crying over the death scene the other night. I have left enough comments on other people's wonderful posts about the performance ( Parsi, operanuts, ximo) and they have described the performance much better than i ever could, i just wanted to give praise to those who are never duly recognised for their merits!!